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Write out by time,

  • fall we will be doing this, then this, etc.

research data program

RDP bullet point - nod to UE, rebranding documentation and outreach around DSC


  • inventory all the RDM sites on the library
  • unified presentation of RDM resources related to data lifecycle
  • need to put ppl associated with service on pages and form
  • investigate hooking up form to jira service desk
  • have some screen shots of cornell, ucb, ucsf
  • dependency - drupal devs and web steering resources

data preservation

  • sketch out how to make happen (consult with shira)

training and outreach (external)

  • data carpentry, other sources - dependent on Research data program and hires
  • connection to UE

training, consulting (internal)

  • have levels on 23 research data things as first step to learn concepts and skills on RDM
  • Carpentries next - data and software best practices

for moving from 4 to 2, will be dependent on hires and their roles will be to identify and develop partnerships with campus