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Mapping with Leaflet

Leaflet is an open source tool for developing interactive maps on the web based on JavaScript.



  • Using the terminal on Mac and conda console on windows, navigate to your working folder. You can do this by entering the command ‘cd’ followed by the path of your working folder.
    • For example: 'cd /Users/YourName/Documents/using-javascript-to-create-maps'
  • Once in your working folder, run python -m http.server. This should start a local server to host a Leaflet map, so you will see the server start on the command line. During this process, the command line should display text that appears like: “Serving HTTP on port…”
    • This command line window needs to remain open in order to host and display the map in the browser.

First Map

Now from your browser, open the file in your Leaflet directory ‘index.html’. Once open, ‘index.html’ displays our Leaflet map! - How did we do this, and what is this map displaying? Let’s explore the map. * clusters of location points * pop-ups * what do the pop-ups lead to * displays on the sidebar Going through each folder in project directory

Hosting your webmap

If you need a site to host your webmap, several static site generators are available. * Forestry.io * GitHub Pages * Jekyll * Hugo